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Firmware Updater

Firmware Updates
In order to update your Phoenix to the latest and greatest version of hoop firmware, use the following updater tool and follow the instructions linked below for either PC or MAC:

If you are using the Mac updater or  the Windows updater in advanced mode use the following to determine which update to apply:
-For hoops with a GREEN circuit board that ARE NOT an upgraded 2015 hoop please apply: PhoenixV2_R107.98_APA102_WS2812_20170530.hex
-For hoops with a GREEN circuit board that ARE  an upgraded 2015 hoop please apply: PhoenixV2_107.98_WS2812_20170530.hex
-For hoops with a BLACK circuit board, please apply: Phoenix_R92.98_WS2812_20170530.hex 
-For hoops with a WHITE circuit board, please apply: PhoenixV2_R130.98_APA102_WS2812_20170530.hex

PC Updater

MAC Updater