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Phoenix Hoop

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Customize, design and create your favorite graphics and color schemes to your LED Smart Hoop and make it completely unique to you!


Delivery Late Spring 2014
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Product Description

** ANNOUNCING that Production is underway on Phoenix Hoops…We thank you deeply for your patience as we enter new phases and levels of quality LED hoop production. As a token of our appreciation, we are offering a discount to those who purchase through the Pre-Sale with an estimated delivery of Late Spring 2014. Hoops are offered in 3 sizes 31″, 33″ and 35″ 3/4 inch Outer Diameter PolyPro Tubing. **

When it comes to LED hoops, the Phoenix Smart Hoop is unparalleled and is the most advanced hoop on the market today. We have developed and tested this hoop for years to ensure the highest quality, extreme durability and most unique features available. It offers more than 200 patterns, programmability and customization options, remote and Bluetooth technology are currently working with our custom Android App.

Customize, design and create your favorite graphics and color schemes to your hoop and make it completely unique to you! That’s right, you can have a hoop unlike any other in the world! We will teach you how in our detailed tutorials.

Another unique feature we offer is SpinFX Scripting Mode. Have multiple Phoenix Hoops or friends that have one too? Using Scripting Mode, you can synchronize and choreograph the timing and patterns on as many Phoenix Hoops as you’d like, creating a visual playground of wonder and awe! And our newest feature is the Battery Level Indicator. By pressing one button on the remote, the hoop will light up a portion of LEDs to indicate battery level remaining. Now, you’ll always know how much battery you have left!

Create your LED experience and prepare to blow minds wherever you go with the Phoenix Hoop!

Gift Certificates available upon request

**PLEASE READ** Due to international shipping regulations of Lithium-Ion Batteries, we cannot ship our products to Germany, Italy or Laos. If you live in one of those countries, please arrange and provide a different shipping address to ensure proper delivery.

  • # of LEDs: 31″ = 146, 33″ = 155, 35″ = 165
  • 3/4″ OD PolyPro Tubing
  • Extremely lightweight. Only 0.7lbs at 33″ with 3/4″OD tubing
  • Extremely durable
  • Hoop collapses for easy travel
  • Easily design & share your own patterns
  • Large collection of preloaded images with simple instructions to create your own
  • USB interface for adding new patterns, software updates, charging and advanced hoop configuration
  • IR Remote Control
  • Bluetooth Remote control (Android Only)
  • Hoop will last approximately 2 hours at full brightness, much longer at lower brightness levels
  • A full charge will take 6 hours using the high-powered USB charging adapter provided. May take longer if charged using a computer
  • 1800 mAH Li-Ion batteries. Can be recharged at any time with no risk of damage
  • Easily charged with any micro USB cable (one included)
  • Batteries distributed evenly around the hoop for perfect balance
  • Battery Level Indicator: by pressing one button on the remote, the hoop will light up portion of LEDs to indicate battery level remaining
  • Hoops come lightly sanded on the inside
  • WARRANTY: There is a one year warranty on the hoop excluding physical damage from being smashed into things, dropped in water, fire, ect. Tubing is not covered due to the nature of hooping. We will, however, repair it for a reasonable fee
  • We offer new tubing, downsizing, and battery replacement options for reasonable fees

So you just received your new Phoenix Hoop, congrats! We’ll walk you through a few things to get you started.


Remove the hoop from the box and connect the two ends with the pin provided into the hole. Find the power button, it looks like this:

Power Button



After you’ve turned the hoop on, and marvel in it’s awesomeness, grab the remote.

Here are the settings that come with your remote…

  • Power
    • Save settings and go to sleep. Sleep mode will remember whichever pattern (LED mode) was last on the hoop so that when you turn it back on, that pattern appears. The Hoop blinks green to let you know it is going into this mode
    • NOTE: the Power button does not turn the hoop on or off, you must physically use the power button on the hoop.
  • Channel Up
    • If in AutoPlay Mode, (where the patterns are cycling through each other) the channel up button will increase the program change delay & increase the speed. So, do you like the length that each pattern appears or do you want to shorten or lengthen that amount of time? This will help you decide that.
    • If you are not in AutoPlay Mode, then it will take you to the Next Pattern
  • Channel Down
    • If in AutoPlay mode, the channel down button will decrease program change delay & decrease Speed.
    • If you are not in AutoPlay Mode, then it will take you to the Next Pattern
  • Mute
    • Toggles AutoPlay & Pause, so while in AutoPlay, if you want to pause on the current pattern, you can hit the Mute Button
  • Volume Up (right arrow)
    • Increase Brightness
  • Volume Down (left arrow)
    • Decrease Brightness
  • AV/TV
    • Not used as a part of regular controls. Used for resetting the hoop only when necessary.
Charging & Battery Life

To Charge your hoop look for the Micro USB Port, it looks like this:

Micro USB Port

  • USB Charging
    • Approximately 6 hour charge time using the high-power USB charging adapter, may take longer if using a computer
    • Use the built in USB charger to charge the hoop from any USB source. Wall or car adapter, even a laptop or portable solar charger. Longer charge time but it’s a very convenient way to charge the hoop from various power sources without having to carry around the larger fast-charger
    • There is no harm in running the hoop to completely drained or leaving the hoop plugged in longer than the charge time. The batteries are protected to prevent overcharge or over-discharge.
  • Battery Life
    • Hoop will last approximately 2 hours at full brightness, much longer at lower brightness levels

To Disassemble your hoop for travel, simply remove the pin, pull the two ends apart and collapse the hoop down. You can use a velcro band or ribbon to tie keep the hoop in place. We recommend keeping your hoop in its circle when not traveling to maintain its pretty shape.

Android App Control

Control your hoop from your Android based device for more control, easier pattern navigation, and take advantage of advanced settings not available on the standard remote!

You can download our App at the Google App store. It is currently called “Hoopdaddy” and is in the process of being updated to “SpinFX.” Once you select it on your Android device, you be asked if you want to allow Bluetooth permissions, say “YES.” Now you are in the App. Select the menu button and “CONNECT TO A TOY.” Then “SCAN FOR TOYS.” Select the device “PHOENIX” that appears. It may say null at first, but then Phoenix will appear. If it asks you for a PIN enter “0000.”

If the patterns do not appear at first, try connecting again.

Currently, the only two tabs you will be using are the two on the left. After you are connected via Bluetooth, the list of patterns will appear. You can select any pattern to change to while connected. The second tab has the controls like brightness, next pattern, autoplay on or off, and more!

Here’s what the App will look like on your Android device:

Q: How long does the charge last?
A: This varies quite a bit depending on the brightness setting and the patterns used. The hoop ships with the brightness set to about 85% and will average around 2 – 2.5 hours on a random selection of patterns. However, at full brightness on a solid white pattern, you can only expect about 30-40 minutes of glow-time. I’ve also seen up to 6 hours at a brightness of 20% using more power friendly settings.

Q: How much does it weigh?
A: This depends on the size of the hoop and the diameter of your tubing. A 33″ Phoenix with 3/4″ OD tubing (PolyPro) would weigh approximately 0.7lbs.

Q: How many LEDs are in the Phoenix?
A: 31″ = 146, 33″ = 155, 35″ = 165

Q: How many patterns are there?
A: Approximately 200 come pre-loaded on the hoop. You can of course remove any of them or add more of your own!

Q: Can I use my iPhone or iPad with the bluetooth module?
A: Not at this time. Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t support non Apple certified bluetooth devices. However, SpinFX hopes to support Apple devices in the future.

  • Symptom: Hoop won’t turn on
    • Possible Cause #1: Drained batteries.
      • Resolution: Charge the hoop via fast-charger or USB charging methods until the charging light turns from red to green.
    • Possible Cause #2: Trying to power the hoop on from the remote.
      • Resolution: The hoop only responds to the remote after being physically turned on with the on-hoop power switch. Refer to the Instruction section of this page for more info.
  • Symptom: Charge doesn’t last very long
    • Possible Cause #1: Brightness is set to 100% and/or Using primarily solid patterns.
      • Resolution: Reduce the brightness or use less power hungry patterns. Although setting the hoop to full brightness is possible, it’s generally not recommended because it will drain the batteries rather quickly. Also solid color patterns are tougher on the batteries than strobe or chase patterns.
    • Possible Cause #2: Old or faulty batteries.
      • Resolution: Contact us at Batteries may need replacement.
  • Symptom: Only a portion of the hoop lights up or flickers intermittently
    • Possible Cause #1: A break in the LED string.
      • Resolution 1: Try flexing the hoop at the point that the LEDs appear to stop. If they come on and turn off again when flexed then it’s definitely a faulty LED strip. The only resolution for this is to send the hoop in for repair. The LED strips used in these hoops are fragile on their own. Inside the hoops they are reinforced and cushioned to protect them from damage during use but every now and then a solder joint will crack and cause every LED after it to stop functioning. Contact us at
      • Resolution 2: Try flexing the hoop at the point that the LEDs appear to stop. If that doesn’t seem to make a difference, then try resetting the hoop to default settings by doing one of the following:
      • a) Plug the hoop into a computer and delete the “settings.cfg” file
      • b) With the hoop off, hold the AV/TV button and turn the hoop on. (The hoop should flash a couple of times to indicate a successful reset)
    • Symptom: The hoop doesn’t respond to my remote
      • Possible Cause #1: Dead battery in the remote
        • Resolution: First try the spare remote to see if the hoop responds to it. Or simply replace the battery in the remote. The battery can be replaced by locating the battery tray on the bottom edge of the remote. Slide the latch to toward the center and pull the tray out. The remotes take CR2025 batteries.
      • Possible Cause #2: Bad remote. (Every now and then a good remote goes bad.. it’s a real shame when that happens)
        • Resolution: Try the spare remote or contact us to obtain a new one at
    • Symptom: Hoop turns on and cycles through Red/Green/Blue startup sequence repeatedly
      • Possible Cause #1: This could be caused if a setting file is saved incorrectly or corrupt.
        • Resolution 1: Turn the hoop off. Hold the red “Power” button on the remote and then turn the hoop on. This will reset the hoop to default settings.
        • Resolution 2: Plug the hoop into your computer and delete the “settings.cfg” file from the hoop.
      • Possible Cause #2: The hoop is plugged into your computer or charger via the USB cable.
        • Resolution 1: Unplug the hoop or press up or down on the joystick (or power button on the remote)
      • Possible Cause #3: There is a problem initializing the memory chip.
        • Resolution 1: Email us at
    • Symptom: The pattern I created will not work
      • Possible Cause #1: The pattern name contains invalid characters
        • Resolution: Pattern names should only contain letters, numbers, ‘_’ and ‘-’. Do not use spaces or periods within the pattern name.
    • Symptom: The charge light stays red and does not turn green and the hoop will not turn on when plugged in.
      • Possible Cause #1: A battery issue.
        • Resolution: If plugged into the charger and the charging light stays red and never turns green then there’s likely a battery issue and the batteries can’t charge. A bad battery could be draining power fast enough that the hoop wouldn’t be able to turn on even while plugged into the charger.
      • Possible Cause #2: A switch issue.
        • Resolution 1: If the charging light is red for a time and turns to green eventually then the charger and the batteries are OK. But if the hoop still won’t turn on then it’s an issue with the switch. We’ve seen this a couple of times, usually if there’s moisture involved after a particularly damp night at a festival. In most cases it starts working again after letting it sit to dry out (off the charger) for a day or so. But if it doesn’t correct itself then it might simply have a defective controller board. So, basically if the green light does come on when charging, let it sit for a day or two and see if it corrects itself. Any other case, then please send it back to us so we can take a look at it and repair whatever is wrong.

Check out our Youtube page for video tutorials at

We are in the process of uploading more tutorials, but for now, here are Pattern Making and Advanced Config (only use advanced config if you are familiar with it).

Basic Settings Tutorial

Pattern Making Phoenix

Advanced Config Tutorial – Phoenix Hoop

Format Instructions Phoenix PC

Stay tuned for more tutorials to come!

This product has the potential for injuries. By purchasing, ordering and or using the product or any products from SpinFX, Inc. or its affiliates and partners, you and (or related users) are responsible for any risks, injury or damage. You release SpinFX, Inc. and affiliates, employees, and partners from any responsibility or liability for any injury, accident or death caused by any of its products whether directly or indirectly. It is the responsibility of the individual user to take the necessary precautions to minimize hazards. Using the this equipment states that you fully accept these terms and conditions and that you are accepting full and unconditional responsibility for any and all consequences caused.

Phoenix Hoop Pre-Sale

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