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Whether you are a seasoned professional or an amateur, all hoopers have a home at SpinFX. We aim to offer support, information and our expertise to anyone interested in purchasing an LED smart hoop.

Hoopdance has been bringing people together for decades. Allow yourself to discover the amazing world of LED hooping and express your unique style, meet new friends, give your existing friends incredible light shows, and join an international community of SpinFX hoopers.

The benefits of hooping go far beyond the realm of physical fitness. Most hoopers continuously return to their hoops simply because hooping makes them feel empowered, strong and beautiful. Owning an advanced LED Smart Hoop enables you to create incredible ephemeral art with your light trails, whether it be in the privacy of your backyard, at parties or in performances.

Choose the right size for you

  • Check out our sizing chart here!
  • We also offer custom sizing for those of you who know exactly which size you prefer!

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